Section 4(1)(b)(vii)

Particular of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof. Section 4(1)(b)(vii)

With a view to offer advice on programme matters, a Committee called "Joint Programme Advisory Committee" functions for both AIR and Doordarshan.  The salient features of the Committee are:


1.  The Committee will be constituted for a term of two years from the date of its constitution.
2.  The tenure of the Members will be co-terminus with the tenure of the Committee irrespective of the fact whether any member has completed two years or not.
3.  The Prasar Bharati Board may dissolve the Committee at any time in public interest and re-constitute the same.
4.  The existing Committee constituted under these guidelines will continue to function ever after the expiry of the term of dissolution till the constitution of the new committee is notified.


If any non-official member fails to attend two consecutive meetings he/she shall be liable for removal from the committee.


1.   The Meeting of the Committee will be held ordinarily once in three months.  However, the Chairman may call a meeting at any time, if considered necessary in addition to this.
2.   The meeting of the Committee will be presided over by the Chairman and in his absence by a nominee of the DG:AIR, DG:DD.
3.   One-third of the effective strength of the non-offfical members of the committee will for the quorum. If there is no quorum at any time, it will be treated as an informal meeting and such items of agenda as may be considered necessary will be informally discussed by the members present.

Agenda for the committee

1.   The agenda for each item will be prepared by the Secretary of the Committee.  Secretary will also invite suggestion from Members before preparing the agenda.  Any member wishing to raise a point should intimate to the Secretary three weeks in advance of the meeting.  The agenda will be approved by the Chairman and will be circulated atleast 15 days in advance.
2.  Service matters of any Staff/staff artists or other matters concerning personnel or purely administrative matters shall not form part of the agenda.

Functions of the Committee

The Committee will review the programme broadcast/telecast since the last meeting and discuss the programme plans for the ensuing period.  The Committee will also make suggestion for the improvement of programmes and advice in such matters concerning the planning and presentation of the programme of the Station/Kendra to which it is attached.  No member shall promote any specific individual producer/programme.

As at present, the term of the existing Committee has ended.  Formation of the new committee is under way. Once the process is completed, the names of the committee members will be uploaded.

Another Committee called Agricultural Advisory committee functions with a view to offer advice on the agricultural programmes telecast by Doordarshan.  The committee functions under the Chairmanship of the Director of the Kendra with the following member representatives for offering advice to the Kendra on agriculture and allied subjects under the scheme "Mass Media Support to agriculture extension".

Agricutural Advisory committee members

1.   Authorised representative from Commissionerate of Agriculture.
2.   Authorised representative from Tamilnadu Agricultural University.
3.   Authorised representative from Tamilnadu Veterinary & Animal Sciences        University.
4.   Authorised representative from Commissionerate of Horticulture.
5    Authorised representative from Commissionerate of Fisheries
6    Authorised representative from Department of soil conservation.
7    Authorised representative from Department of Irrigation.
8.   Authorised representative from National Horticulture Board.
9.   Authorised representative from NABARD.
10. Authorised representative from Tamilnadu Agricultural Marketing Board.
11. Authorised representative from National Research Centre for Banana
12. Authorised representative from National Research Centre for Pulses.
13  Authorised representative from Central Sheep and Wool Research Institute.
14. Authorised representative from Dr.M.S.Swaminathan Research Foundation.
15. Authorised representative from Krishi Vigyan Kendras in Tamilnadu.
16. Authorised representative from Tamilnadu Pollution Control Board.
17. Authorised representative from Association of Agriculture Labour Welfare Board.    
18. Authorised representative from Forest and Environment Department.
19. Authorised representative from State Agriculture Co-operative Department.
20. Authorised representative from Regional Meterological Department, Chennai.
21. Shri Adhi Narayanan, B.Tech, Progressive Farmer (Organic Agriculture)
22. Shri O.V.R.Somasundaram, Progressive Farmer in Coconut Farming.
23. Smt.Indirani, Progressive Farmer.
24. Ms.Lakshmi, Reporter, "The Hindu" Chennai.
25. Dr.Sultan Ahamed Ismail, Specialist in Vermi Compost.
26. Shri Raja, M.B.A, Organic Farmer, Pichikkadu Vilalge, Pattukootai Taluk,         Tanjore Dist.
27. Programme Executive, Narrowcasting Mode, DDK, Coimbatore.
28. Programme Executive, Broadcasting Mode (Agri Cell), DDK, Chennai,   Convener.


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