Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why is Doordarshan going into digital terrestrial broadcasting ?

Doordarshan is giving terrestrial transmission of Analog Channels since 15th September 1959. DD is migrating to digital terrestrial broadcasting as going digital will provide multiple programme channels, better video and audio quality, availability of signals on mobile and portable devices like handsets/tablets/PCs etc.

2. How to receive DVB –T2 Signals? Do I need to change my TV set now to receive the DVB -T2 Signal?

It requires ordinary antenna (indoor or outdoor depending upon your location) as used in analogue terrestrial TV. With the existing TV set, a DVB - T2 Set Top Box is required. Some integrated Digital TV sets (iDTV) are available in market having in-built set top box or DVB-T2 tuner. With these TV sets one needs only an antenna to be connected to TV set for watching DTT channels. 



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DD Podhigai is Doordarshan's Tamil language regional channel. It is broadcasted both terrestrially and via satellite.


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