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12 Jun 2015
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Particulars of organization, functions and duties (Section 4(1)(b)(i))

News Bulletin timings


Time of Telecast




   8.00 AM

15 mts.

Telecast both Terrestrial and Podhigai


 10.00 AM

5  mts.



 12 Noon

5  mts.

Podhigai only


 2.30 PM

10  mts.

Telecast both Terrestrial and Podhigai


 5.00 PM

5  mts.

Podhigai only


 6. 30 PM

10 mts.

Telecast through DDNews (Metro Scan) Monday to Friday.


 7.00 PM

3  mts.

Telecast both Terrestrial and Podhigai


 8.15 PM

30  mts.

Telecast both Terrestrial and Podhigai


10.00 PM

10  mts.

 Podhgai only

Besides, whenever the state Assembly is in session, a ‘Review of Assembly Proceedings’ is put out for a duration of arount 7 mts.

The functions and duties are to:-

  • Inform freely, truthfully and objectively the citizens of India on all matters of public interest nationally and internationally.
  • Provide adequate coverage to the diverse cultures and languages of various regions of the country through appropriate programmes in the regional languages / dialects.
  • Provide adequate coverage to sports & games.
  • Cater to the special needs of the youth
  • Promote social justice national consciousness, national integration, communal harmony and the up-liftment of women.
  • Pay special attention to the fields of education and spread of literacy, agriculture, rural development, environment, health and family welfare and science and technology.
  • Provide a comprehensive TV coverage through the use of appropriate technology
  • Undertake at regular intervals auditions for classical dance forms.
  • Ensure that the programmes telecast on its channels are in full compliance of the AIR/DD programme and advertisement code.
  • Place basic data about its network, Acts and guidelines, list of commissioned/sponsored programmes, defaulting agencies and tender notices in the public domain through its website
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