Technical facilities

Outdoor Coverages/ Live Telecast

A number of important National and International LIVE telecasts havae been carried out with the OB (out-door broadcasting) van / EFP (Electronic Field Production) van and DSNG (Digital Satellite News Gathering) equipment. This kendra has exctensively provided technical support for various important events conducted across the country. This OB van is given on hire to various outside private broadcasters.


Direct to Home (DTH)

The Podhigai Regional language Satellite Channel has successfully faced the stiff competition from other private tamil channels and is a popular channel in the bouquet of DTH offered by various agencies.



Studio Setup

This kendra is equipped with four studios for production / transmission of programmes. Studio-II is exclusively used for the transmission of Podhigai programmes including News Bulletins. Studio-I is primarily used for invited audience programmes, national programmes of music, dance, chat shows, children variety programmes, other music, dance programmes. It is also used for special live programmes occasionally. Studio II & IV are exclusively used for recording. All the studios are equipped with state of the art equipment. Except Studio-III other three studios are fully digitalized.


Playback facilities

The main playback facility for Podhigai Transmission is in the VTR setup. This is equipped with necessary Betacam/DVCPro VCRs, Video Servers, Digital Routers and other monitoring facilities.


Electronic News Gathering (ENG)

The ENG section of this kendra is involved in the following area of activities.
  • 1. Deployment of ENG camcorders and other technical equipment for news and programme coverages.
  • 2. Maintenance of ENG cameras and VCRs deployed in transmission setup and VCRs in all Edit suites.
  • 3. Technical preview of all sponsored and feature films received from outside agencies.

Cable TV Monitoring

To ensure implementation of Cable TV Act, regular surveys are conducted by our team who interact with public as well as cable operators. Viewer complaints are immediately attended to and in many cases appreciation letters are received.

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About Us

DD Podhigai is Doordarshan's Tamil language regional channel. It is broadcasted both terrestrially and via satellite.


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