No. Tender Description Last Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
81 No.STV/P/DDK/ CHENNAI /2016-17 Date: 02.12.2016 Enquiry for civil/miscellaneous works at DDK Chennai reg., 2016-12-14
82 9(2)(7)/IT/ES/DKC/2016-17 Date: 25.11.2016 Corriegendum for LIVE STREAMING OF DOORDARSHAN-PODIHAI PROGRAMMES IN OUR OFFICE WEBSITE OF “ddpodhigai.org.in” 2016-12-07
83 9(2)/1/2016-17/Tele/EPABX/DKC/ESdate:24.11.2016 Annual Maintenance Contract for maintaining of 128 – line EPABX extensions, 25 BSNL Telephone Lines and 4 Fax Lines from PABX MDF to extensions, Attending Faults – Labour Charges Only 2016-12-02
84 9(2) (7)/IT/16-17/ES/DKCDate: 09.11.2016 Inviting Quotations for Live Streaming of Doordarshan Podhigai programmes, Chennai Official WebSite of “ddpodhigai.org.in 2016-11-25
85 9 (2)(6)/Transmitter/ES/DKC/2016-17Date: 31.10.2016 Labour charges for Repainting of 175M SS Tower,Tower lift housing enclosure metal sheet and Feeder cable tray and post at Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai. With one coat of primer and two coats of synthetic enamel paint 2016-11-23
86 9 (2)(6)/Transmitter/ES/DKC/2016-17/SupplyDate:03.11.2016 Supply of Colour Paints ,Primer and thinner as per technical specification for painting of 175 M SS Tower at Doordarshan Kendra,Chennai. (Asian/Shalimar/Berger/Nerolac) 2016-11-22
87 No.9(2)/14/2016-17/ES/DKCDate:14.10.2016 Corriegendum for date of extension for Comprehensive AMC for Tower,Split,Cassette AC's for the period of one year from the date of awarding the contract which was uploaded on 14.10.2016 2016-11-10
88 No.9(2)/2016-17/Tele/EPABX/DKC/ES/ Dated 21.10.2016 Annual Maintenance contract for the Maintenance of EPABX Intercom cabling & DIrect (BSNL) Lines at DDK, Chennai for the period of one year from the date of awarding the contract-Reg 2016-11-01
89 No.9(2)/14/2016-17/ES/DKC Date: 14.10.2016 Sub: Inviting Tenders for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for the Split ,Tower and Cassette type air conditioners at DDK, Chennai for the for the period of One Year from the date of awarding the contract 2016-10-31
90 No. 9(2)/ES/DKC/16-17/ Date: 12-09-2016 SITC of False ceiling, Tiles including Grid System at DDK Chennai 2016-09-29
91 No.9(2)(6)/Transmitter/2016-17/ES/DKC Date: 22.08.2016 Enquiry for the Re-Painting of Parabolic Dish Antennas ( PDAs ) - reg. 2016-09-06
92 No.45 (16)2016-A1/Che Dated: 10.08.2016 Quotation for Non-Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for Computer equipment’s Doordarshan Kendra, chennai – reg. 2016-08-22
93 No.9 (2) (1)/OB/16-17/ES/DKC Date: 29.07.2016 Inviting Quotations for Supply of Remote Hardware Control panel for Black Magic Smart Video hub 12x12 clean switch-Reg 2016-08-17
94 No.10(2)(3)MW/CIVIL/2014-15/ES/DKC Date: 01.08.2016 Inviting Quotations for Extension of Exhaust pipe for 250 KVA DG set - reg 2016-08-11
95 No.10(2)(1)/MW/Elect./DKC/2016-17 Date: 22.07.2016 Inviting quotations for Supply of LED Type 150Watts Flood Light fittings - reg. 2016-08-10
96 No.9 (2)(26)/Security/2016-17/DKC Date: 14.07.2016 Inviting Quotations for Refilling of Fire Extinguishers at Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai - reg 2016-07-29
97 No.9 (2) (4)/Studio/16-17/ES/DKC Date: 08.07.2016 Inviting Quotations for Supply of 49/50” LED Flat Panel TV Receiver with built in DVB-T2 Tuner-Reg Corriegendum for change in specification.Extension of Tender opening date 2016-07-29
98 No. 39(2)/2016-17/A!/MA Inviting Quotation for supply of HP Toners/Fax Toners and Ink Catridges during the year 2016– 2017 2016-07-20
99 No.10(2)(3)MW/CIVIL/2014-15/ES/DKC Date: 01.07.2016 Inviting Quotations for the supply of Labourers in Doordarshan Kendra Chennai on Contract basis. Tender opening extended to 2017-07-20 2016-07-20
100 Hiring of Vehicle (Taxi) for Doordarshan, Chennai Hiring of Vehicle (Taxi) for the financial year 2016-17 for the official use of Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai. Corrigendum for extension of date 2016-07-19

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