No. Tender Description Last Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
61 No. 9(2)(1)/OB VAN/17-18/DKC/ES. Dated : 21st Sep.2017 E-tenders are invited online in www.tenderwizard.com/PB under two bid system for repairing of old Diesel Generator mounted Vehicle TATA 712EX with Registration No.TN07AR 9931 of DDK Chennai – 600 005 2017-10-10
62 No:10(2)(6)(1)/MW/Civil/ES/DKC/2017-18/ Date :08.09.2017 Sub: Inviting Quotation for Aluminium Partition in the old A/C plant room at Doordarshan kendra , Chennai-5. 2017-09-26
63 No:49(16)2017/A.1/Che/quotation-AMC-Comp.Date: 31.08.2017 Annual Maintenance Contract (Non-comprehensive) for the computers(desktop , laptop and printers ) in Doordarshan Kendra,Chennai-5 installed at various places. 2017-09-12
64 No. 39(2)/2017-18/A!/MAS Quotation for supply of HP Toners/Fax Toners and Ink Cartridges during the year 2017– 2018 2017-07-13
65 No. 39(2)/2017-2018/A!/MAS Quotation for supply of Stationery items during the year 2017-2018 2017-07-10
66 No.9(2)(8)/PS&AC/ES/DKC/2017-18/StudioAC/AMC Date:15.06.2017 On line e-tenders invited for Comprehensive AMC for Ductable Split DX Air Conditioning Unit at Studio, MSR, Admin Block at Doordarshan Kendra,Chennai-5 2017-07-06
67 No:9(2)(8)PS&AC/ES/DKC/2017-18/ Date : 21.06.2017 Sub: Extension of date for receiving quotes for the supply of 6nos of full Copper 1.5 ton Split A/C for DDK, Chennai – reg. 2017-06-27
68 No:9(2)(8)PS&AC/ES/DKC/2017-18/ Date: 02.05.2017 Sub: Inviting Quotation for supply and installation of Full Copper 1.5 ton Inverter Split A/C for Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai-5. 2017-06-20
69 No:10(2)(6)(1)/MW/Civil/ES/DKC/2017-18/ Date :12.06.2017 Sub:Inviting sealed quotation for Vinyl Flooring in Technical Areas at Doordarshan Kendra Chennai 2017-06-19
70 MS/TV/10(2)2017SCENIC/CARPENTRY MATERIAL DT 25/05/2017 2017-06-15
71 MS/TV/10/2016-17 DT 25/05/2017 quotation for supply of flex/digital banners 2017-06-15
72 Ms/tv/10(2)/2017/scenic/makeup materials dt 25/05/2017 2017-06-15
73 MS/TV/10(2)/2017/SCENIC/PAINTS DT 25/05/2017 2017-06-15
74 No:10(2)(6)(1)/MW/Civil/ES/DKC/2017-18/ Date:08.05.2017 Inviting Quotation for Wall Painting in Technical Areas in Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai-5. 2017-05-18
75 9(2)(6)/Transmitter/ES/DKC/2017-18 04.04.2017 Inviting Quotation for the Supply, Fabrication, and Fixing of Aluminium Partition with Door in Transmitter Hall at Doordarshan Kendra,Chennai-5 2017-04-17
76 No. CHE/DDK/57(1)/2017-18, dated March 10th, 2017 To collect the used plates, Utensils & wash /clean the same for re-use and to distribute food items against the tokens issued at Doordaershan Kendra Deparmental Canteen Chennai-5 2017-03-20
77 No.45(16)/15-16/A1/che Date: 08.02.2017 Inviting Quotations for supply of HP Desk Top Computers at Doordarshan Kendra ,Chennai 2017-02-27
78 No.CHE/TV/AI/Misc/ Dated: 07.02.2017 Invitation of Tender for House Keeping services at DDK Chennai for the year 2017-18- Reg.. 2017-02-23
79 9(2)(8)/PS&AC/ES/DKC/2016-17/ 28.12.2016 Sub: Inviting Quotation for the supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 3.5 ton Tower Air Conditioner at Doordarshan Kendra Chennai-5-Reg 2017-01-10
80 10(2)(2)/MW/2016-17/DKC/ES/Date:27:12:2016 Inviting quotations for the Removal of Uprooted Trees, Debris at Doordarshan Kendra, AIR FM Premises at chennai after Vardah Cyclone—Reg 2017-01-03

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