No. Tender Description Last Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
121 No. CHE/DDK/57(1)/2015-16 Dated: 19 / 11 / 2015 Dish Cleaner/Bearer To collect the used plates, Utensils & wash /clean the same for re-use and to distribute food items against the tokens issued 2015-12-04
122 No. 9(2)(2)/ENG/15-16/ES/DKC Date: 19.11.2015 Extension of time - Quotations for Supply of Gold mount Batteries and Dual Charger for Gold mount Batteries 2015-11-27
123 No. 9(2)(7)/IT/15-16/ES/DKC Date: 05.11.2015 2015-11-20
124 No. 9(2)(2)/ENG/15-16/ES/DKC Date: 29.10.2015 Inviting Quotations for Supply of Gold mount Batteries and Dual Charger for Gold mount Batteries - reg 2015-11-18
125 No.9(2)(14)2014-15/ES/DKC Date: 12.10.2015 Inviting Quotations for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract of Split , Tower and Cassette type Air Conditioners - reg. 2015-10-27
126 No.9(16)(02)15-16/ES/DKC/TR.ACAMCDate:14.09.2015 CORRIGENDUM 2015-09-21
127 No.9(16)(02)15-16/ES/DKC/TR. AC AMC Date: 03.09.2015 : Inviting Tenders for Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for the Air Cooled AC Plant (6 x 8.5 TR.) at Transmitter Hall for the period of One Year from the date of awarding the contract. 2015-09-21
128 No.9(2)(7)/IT/15-16/ES/DKC Date: 20.08.2015 Corrigendum for LIVE Streaming for ddpodhigai.org.in 2015-09-04
129 No.9(2)(7)/IT/15-16/ES/DKC Date: 17.08.2015 LIVE STREAMING OPTIONS FOR DOORDARSHAN PROGRAMMES IN OUR OFFICE WEBSITE OF “ddpodhigai.org.in”. 2015-09-04
130 test2 test2 2015-09-03
131 abcxtest ABC 2015-09-03
132 92 test workstation test 2015-08-29
133 No.45 (16)2015-A1/Che Dated: 10.08.2015 Quotation for Annual Maintenance Contract for Computer equipment’s 2015-08-19
134 testt testt 2015-08-15
135 No.9(2)/Prog. CFP/2015-16/ES/DKC( DVC Pro Tapes ) Supply of DVC PRO 50 Tapes 33 mts., 66 mts., 94mts. &126mts. - reg. 2015-07-10
136 No.10(2)(3)MW/CIVIL/2014-15/ES/DKC Inviting Quotations for Supply of Thermal Insulation material - reg. 2015-07-08
137 No:9(2)(4)/Studio/14-15/ES/DKC( Powered Speakers) Inviting Quotations for Supply of Powered Speakers for stage monitoring similar toYamaha DBR10-2 Nos with suitable stand &Essential accessories and Powered Speakers for audience monitoring similar to Yamaha DBR12 with suitable stand &Essential accessories -reg 2015-06-30
138 No.9(2)(7)IT/14-15/ES/DKC( Scan Converter) Sub: Inviting Quotations for Supply of Scan converter - reg. 2015-06-22
139 No. 39(2)/2015-16/A!/MAS Date: 01.06.201(Stationery items) Quotation for supply of Stationery items 2015-06-22
140 No.10(2)(1)/MW/Elect./DKC/2013-14 ( LCD Panel lights) Inviting quotations for Supply of LED Panel Lights – reg. 2015-06-22

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