Inplant Training

In-Plant Training for II/III/Final year Engineering students. 

 In-plant Training for Engineering students .  Winter session of this year 2018 is closed.

Students pursuing II/III/Final year B. Tech /B.E. in ECE/EEE/CSE/IT are eligible to attend the training.  

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No. Tender Description Last Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
1 F.NO : DDK/CHN/Prog./Channel Packaging/E – Tender 01/2018-19 new Due date extension for Channel Packaging 2019-01-12
2 No:9(2)/1/2018-19/Tele/EPABX/DKC/ES dated 13.12.2018 new AMC FOR MAINTENANCE OF EPABX LINES 2018-12-26
3 No9/2/8/E -Tender/AC/DKC/ES/ 2018-19 new Due date extension for Shifting of 4 Nos. of outdoor units of AHU 8 to 3rd floor terrace at Doordarshan Kendra,Chennai 2018-12-17
4 No.9/IT/DKC/ES/2018-19 new Due date extension for supply of 2 Nos of Nvidia Quadro P2000-5GB Graphics card 2018-12-17
5 No/9/OB/DKC/ES/2018-19/13 new Due date extension of tender for procurement of UP/DOWN CROSS HD standalone Converter-3Nos for OB applications for Doordarshan Kendra Chennai 2018-12-17
6 F.NO : DDK/CHN/Prog./Channel Packaging/E – Tender 01/2018-19 Date : 15.11.2018 new Due date Extension of tender for Channel Packaging at Doordarshan Chennai 2018-12-14
7 No.9(2)(8)/E -Tender/AC/DKC/ES/ 2018-19Date: 20.11.2018 Corrigendum for Extension of date for AHU8 shifting 2018-12-10
8 No.9/Transmitter/DKC/ES/2018-19Date: 30.11.2018 Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract for 2 Nos of 100KVA Riello UPS installed at Transmitter from Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM) RIELLO / Authorised Agencies by OEM 2018-12-10
9 No.9/IT/DKC/ES/2018-19Date: 27.11.2018 Supply of Nvidia Quadro P2000-5GB Graphics card 2018-12-10
10 No.9(2)(8)/E -Tender/AC/DKC/ES/ 2018-19 The outdoor units 4nos of AHU-8 installed in the ground floor units are to be shifted to the 3rd floor terrace of the DDK Studio building, to provide free open place for better heat exchange . 2018-12-03
11 No.9/PS/E-tender/DKC/2018-19/16 SITC of Earthing System as and where required as per the drawing attached & specifications as detailed from Sl No 1 to 5 & 7 and 8 under Annexure-I and Laying of earth conductor from the earth pit. 2018-12-03
12 No.9/OB/DKC/ES/2018-19/13 Date: 30.11.2018 Supply of UP/DOWN CROSS HD standalone Converter 2018-11-30
13 No.9/Earth Station/DKC/ES/2018-19/13 supply of 1) 2 Channel SD/HD 3G-SDI to single mode LC Optical Fiber standalone Transmitter-1No 2) 2 Channel single mode LC Optical Fiber to SD/HD 3G-SDI standalone Receiver-1No for DSNG and OB applications 2018-11-30
14 E -Tender/AC/DKC/ES/ 2018-19 dated13.11.2018 servicing of AHU8 at DDK,Chennai 2018-11-26
15 Tender No: NO.48(6)2018-19/TPT/CH DATED 23.10.2018 Due date extension of tender for hiring of vehicles at Doordarshan Chennai 2018-11-20
16 No.9/2/8/PS and AC/ES/DKC/2018-19/Split AC/AMC dated29.10.2018 Price Bid opening information 2018-11-19
17 No.9(2)(8)/E -Tender/AC/DKC/ES/ 2018-19 Date: 13.11.2018 Gas charging Works & replacement of defective parts in AHU 8 - 4 x 11TR Aircooled ductable A/C System at DDK Chennai 2018-11-19
18 F.NO : DDK/CHN/Prog./Channel Packaging/E – Tender 01/2018-19 Date : 01.11.2018 Request for Proposal (RFP) for selection of an agency for channel packaging work for DD-Podhigai. 2018-11-15
20 NO.9/IT/DKC/ES/2018-19 DATED 16.10.2018 Tender Due date for Aluminium partion work at DDK,Chennai Extended up to 14.11.2018 2018-11-14

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