No. Tender Description Last Date (YYYY-MM-DD)
21 No.10(2)(1)/MW/Elect./DKC/2016-17 Date: 22.07.2016 Inviting quotations for Supply of LED Type 150Watts Flood Light fittings - reg. 2016-08-10
22 No.9 (2)(26)/Security/2016-17/DKC Date: 14.07.2016 Inviting Quotations for Refilling of Fire Extinguishers at Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai - reg 2016-07-29
23 No.9 (2) (4)/Studio/16-17/ES/DKC Date: 08.07.2016 Inviting Quotations for Supply of 49/50” LED Flat Panel TV Receiver with built in DVB-T2 Tuner-Reg Corriegendum for change in specification.Extension of Tender opening date 2016-07-29
24 No. 39(2)/2016-17/A!/MA Inviting Quotation for supply of HP Toners/Fax Toners and Ink Catridges during the year 2016– 2017 2016-07-20
25 No.10(2)(3)MW/CIVIL/2014-15/ES/DKC Date: 01.07.2016 Inviting Quotations for the supply of Labourers in Doordarshan Kendra Chennai on Contract basis. Tender opening extended to 2017-07-20 2016-07-20
26 Hiring of Vehicle (Taxi) for Doordarshan, Chennai Hiring of Vehicle (Taxi) for the financial year 2016-17 for the official use of Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai. Corrigendum for extension of date 2016-07-19
27 No. 9(2)(4)/Studio/16-17/ES/DKC Date: 17.06.2016 Inviting Quotations for supply of 24 Nos Audio Faders (For Sound Craft Mixer) - Reg Extnsion of Tender opening Date 2016-07-19
28 No. 39(2)/2016-2017/A!/MAS Inviting Quotations for supply of Stationery items during the year 2016-2017-reg 2016-07-04
29 No.48 (16)2016-A1/Che Dated: 22.06.2016 Inviting Quotation for CSMC of Toshiba e-studio and supply of A3/A4 photocopier on hiring basis 2016-06-29
31 48(6)2016/TPT/CH Dated:30.05.2016 Hiring of Vehicles(TAXI) 2016-06-20
32 48(6)2016/TPT/CH dated 15.06.2016 Cancellation of Tender Notice reg. hiring of vehicles for the year 2016-17 and intimation thereof 2016-06-15
33 No.9 (2)(26)/Security/2016-17/DKC Date: 31.05.2016 Corrigendum for Inviting Quotations for Refilling of Fire Extinguishers - reg 2016-06-14
34 No. 9(2)(7)/IT/16-17/ES/DKC Date: 05.05.2016 Western Digital Black/1TB/7200rpm (BLACK) Internal HDD:.- 13 Nos. SSD 240 GB HDD: -4 Nos. 2016-05-17
35 9(2)(4)/Studio/16-17/ES/DKC Date: 19.04.2016 Sub: Inviting Quotations for Supply of Microphones & Windshield- reg. 2016-04-29
36 No.10(2)(3)MW/CIVIL/2014-15/ES/DKC Date: 29.03.2016 Supply of Thermal Insulation of 19mm Thickness for Ceiling in Rooms of III floor of Administration Building. The material shall have Aluminium Foil on one side. 2016-04-12
37 No. 9(2)(1)/OB/15-16/ES/DKC Date: 24.03.2016 2016-04-08
38 No. 9(2)(7)/IT/15-16/ES/DKC Date: 21.03.2016 : Inviting Quotations for supply of following IT items – reg. 2016-03-28
39 No. CHE/DDK/57(1)/2015-16 Dated: March 7th, 2016 Dish Cleaner/Bearer . To collect the used plates, Utensils & wash /clean the same for re-use and to distribute food items against the tokens issued 2016-03-18
40 No.9(2)(4)/Studio/15-16/ES/DKC Date: 10.03.2016 Inviting Quotations for Supply of 43” & 32” LED Flat Panel TV Receiver – reg. 2016-03-17

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