Powers and duties of its officers and its employees Section 4(1)(b)(ii)

Doordarshan Kendra, Chennai has four major wings, namely, Programme, Engineering, News & Administration. 

Programme wing

Headed by Director and assisted by following staff:
Deputy Director, Executive Producer, Assistant Director (Prog), Programme Executive/Producer, Production Assistant, Audience Research officer, Research Assistant, Investigator grade-1, Transmission Executive, Video Executive, Cameraman Gr.I, Grade.II & Grade III, Lighting Assistant, Floor Manager, Floor Assistant, Scenic Designer, Edit supervisor, Video Editors, Film Projectionist, Graphic Supervisor, Graphic artist, Make-up Assistant, Property Assistant, Carpenter, Painter, Tailor.
The work distribution amongst the officers is as follows:-

Assistant Directors (Prog)

1. Smt. Seetha Rathnagar:

        Natana Arangam (Classical Dance), Nattiya Arangam (South Zone hook-up) National Programe of Dance and CBU.

Programme Executives
1. Shri Ananda Narayanan:

     Munnetra Paathaiyil (a Magazine programme on flagship scheme).  Production of inhouse programmes for government departments/agencies on payment basis and marketing of inhouse programmes.       


2. Smt. Andal Priyadharshini:
        Hello Ungaludan on Fridays on the issues related to women and Illaram Nallaram. Ethiroli Presentation.

3. Dr. Balaramani
     Commercial Section, Facilities, Property, Scenic and Presentation Unit.

4. Smt. P.V. Chithirappavai

5. Smt. Geetha Rajan
      Isai Thokuppu, Bhakthi Malai, Isai Arangam, Nadha Sangamam(SZ hook-up), National programme of Music and Samayal Santhegankal.

6. Smt. Hemalatha Venkatraman:

      Ponnana Mudumai and Nambikkai.

7. Smt. Jayalakshmi Jayabalan
       Feature Films and Film Songs and Mudhal Thiruppam

8. Shri R. Prem Solomon
       Co-ordination and ETV..

9. Shri D. Ravichandran
Sports, Asathal Samayal - Cookery Programmes

10. Shri M. Srinivasan
       Nalavazhvu, Hellow Ungaludan on Mondays on medical subjects.

11. Shri V. Sudhakaran
       Thirai Kannottam, Podhigaiyin Pudhiya Raagangal, Sirippu Vedigal and Sirikka Sirikka.

12. Shri J. Sundar:
       Agricultural Programmes –both broadcasting and narrowcasting modes.

13. Shri M. Thirunavukkarasu, PEX
       Agriculture Programme and Commissioned Programme.

14. Smt. Vasumathi Rajan
      Sponsored Programme Section.

Production Assistants/TREXs

1. Shri N.S. Arunmozhi

       Sponsored Programme Section and Poochendu.

2. Shri G. Baskaran
       Agriculture Section.

3. Shri Charlotte Jha

4. Smt. T.S. Chitra
       Theneer Neram and Samaikalam Vanga

5. Shri A.K. Dhanaraj
      Sports and Sports quiz.

6. Smt. Durga Natarajan
      Feature Films and Film songs Section and Computer related in-house sponsored programme.

7. Shri V. Elanthiraiyan

8. Shri K. Eswaran
       Ariviyal Pudhir, Ilakkiya Perurai, Ilakkiya Edu and Nam Virundinar on Saturdays.

9. Ms. G. Indumathi
      Suvaiyo Suvai, Programmes on Nutrition and Azhagukkalai.

10. Smt. P. Jayanthi
       Weekly serial Snegithame.

11. Shri F. John Praveen Kumar
       Attached to Shri D. Ravichandran.

12. Smt. M. Kalpagam
       Aattached to Smt. Geetha Rajan, PEX. Independent Productions Ellame Sangeethamthan and Children’s Programme.

13. Shri S. Karunakaran

14. Shri T.S. Krishnakumar
        Feature Films and Film songs Section.


15. Shri A. Karunanidhi;
       Ethirum Puthirum and Vaniga Thagavalgal.

16. Shri S. Panneer Selvam
       Attached to Smt. R. Vasumathi, PEX.

17.  Ms. P.V. Radha
      Kuralin Kural, Yoga and Meditation.

18. Shri P. Rajendran
     Programme on Gandhiya Chinthanaigal.

19. Shri B.T.S. Raman
     Commercial Section, Isai Perurai and Kannapiran Kathaiamudham.

20. Shri N. Ratish
      Weekly serial Emergency Action.

21. Shri B. Sampath
       Commercial Section.

22. Smt. S. Sandhya
       Ulagappaarvai and Hello Ungaludan on Education on Thursdays.

23. Shri S. Shanmuganathan
       Current Affairs discussion, Hello Ungaludan on the theme of legal subjects on Tuesdays, Vazhviyal Sinthanaigal and Punithargalin Pooncholai.

24. Shri C. Shanmuga Sundara Bharathi:
       Weekly serial Munneeswara S.P.

25. Shri K. Suresh

26. Shri A. Sowmianarayanan
       Kalluri Vaasal and Ilamai Inimai.

27. Shri S. Subburaya Bharathi
       Thullatha Manamum Thullum.

28. Shri K. Sundararaju
      Nam Virundhinar on Fridays, Gramiya Manam and Grama Kala Sangamam (SZ hook-up).

29. Shri Stephen Lionel
      Nam Virundinar on Wednesdays. Manakkavalai Maatral Elithu, Co-ordination.

30. Shri P. Tholkappian
       Nam Virunthinar on Tuesdays and Special programmes.

31. Smt. Usha Sundar
       Hello Ungaludan on Wednesdays  on the theme of Self-help Groups and Mudal Thiruppam.

32. Smt. Vijayalakshmi Bharathi
        Attached to Smt. Seetha Ratnagar, ASD.  Independent Production “Maaya
Maaya Season-2,  Magic Programme.


Engineering wing is headed by Deputy Director General (Engg) and assisted by Directors (Engg), Deputy Directors (Engg), Assistant Directors (Engg), Assistant Engineers, Sr.Engineering Assistants, Engineering Assistants, Sr.Technician, Mast Technician, Technician, Helpers, Khalasi.

The work distribution amongst the officers is as follows:-

SHRI V. KARTHIKEYAN, Director (Engg) : 
* Matters connected with all Engineering Staff, including AEs & Staff Co-ordination
* Programme & News Co-ordination
* Maintenance & deployment of EFP Van and associated equipment
* Maintenance & deployment of OB Van, Microwave Links and associated equipment
* Maintenance of ENG equipment, including EDIT VCRs & ENG Edit Suites
* Matters pertaining to Training of Engineering Staff, Apprentice Training, Visits from various Institutions
* Correspondence & co-ordination on SACFA
* All matters connected with SECURITY, including Fire Fighting Systems & First Aid


* Operation & maintenance of NLEs, Computer Graphics and all post-production equipment,  including News Automation
* Maintenance of A/C plants and Window / Split AC Units
* Maintenance of TV Receivers & Video Monitors
* IT section (Maintenance of VPN & Computer related soft wares available in all Technical areas)
* Maintenance of buildings & land and co-ordination with CCW ( Civil & Electrical )
* Management of water supply
* Functioning of Engineering Stores & correspondence thereof with Zonal Office, Directorate, Central Purchase & Stores, Firms etc.
* Budget control on Engineering Heads

Smt. P. PADMAVATHY, Deputy Director (Engg)
* Maintenance of all Terrestrial Transmitters
* Maintenance of Power Supply / Sub-Station equipment & all DG sets for Studios and Transmitter set-up
* Operation & maintenance and deployment of DSNG Unit
* Operation & maintenance of Earth Station
* Operation & maintenance TVRO & allied equipment
* Maintenance of Telephone lines, ISDN lines & co-ordination with DOT for settlement of bills /booking of DOT circuits
* Reports & Returns pertaining to Transmitters
* Supervision on the working of Technical Library
* All matters connected with Cable TV, including co-ordination with Cable TV Operators
* Reports and Returns pertaining to Earth Station & DSNG

SHRI GOWRISHANKAR, Deputy Director (Engg) :

* Operation & maintenance of all Studios, including CAR etc
* Operation & maintenance of recording & play-out systems.
* Operation & maintenance of Lighting / Audio equipment
* Reports and Returns pertaining to Studios


            In addition to the above-mentioned assignments, they will also perform any additional works that may be assigned, as and when necessary.


Shri D.Birlanand, Assistant Director (Engg)

  • All matters pertaining to engineering Staff
  • Programme, News and Administration coordination
  • Training of Engineering staff
  • Coordination with Engineering Institutions on Industrial Visit, Inplant Training and Project work
  • Coordination regarding hiring of Studio equipment
  • Coordination with Zonal office on the ongoing and forthcoming project activities at DDK Chennai connected with Studios
  • Coordination with BSNL and other authorities in respect of Telephones including Mobile phones
  • Custody and issue of Mobile phones of this Kendra

Shri P.Bhoopathy, Assistant Director (Engg)

  • Maintenance of Microwave links
  • Maintenance of DG of OB Van
  • Deployment and maintenance of Microwave Links for important coverages
  • Examining the technical feasibility of various important Live and Recorded coverages
  • All matters connected with Cable TV including coordination with cable TV operators.
  • All matters connected with security of the kendra

Shri M.Shankar, Assistant Director (Engg)

  • Maintenance of Engineering stores
  • Budgetary preparation for funds under Engineering Sub-head 'Plan and Non-Plan' of the Kendra including RRT
  • Expenditure monitoring under the Engineering sub-heads
  • Maintenance and upkeep of A/C Plant, Split/Window Air-conditioners
  • Maintenance of NLEs and Computer graphics.
  • Maintenance of all servers and Newsroom automation system
  • Upkeep of EDP Cell

Shri V.Seetharam, Assistant Director (Engg)

  • Maintenance and upkeep of OB Van
  • Maintenance and upkeep of EFP Van
  • Coordination of Deployment of OB Van / EFP Van
  • Budgetary preparation for funds under Engineering Sub-head 'Plan and Non-Plan' of the Kendra including RRT
  • Expenditure monitoring under the Engineering sub-heads
  • Maintenance and upkeep of A/C Plant, Split/Window Air-conditioners
  • Maintenance of NLEs and Computer graphics.
  • Maintenance of all servers and Newsroom automation system
  • Upkeep of EDP Cell

Shri S.Ravichandran, AE

  • Maintenance of Digital Earth Station
  • Maintenance of DSNG system
  • Deployment of DSNG for LIVE coverages
  • Maintenance of Diesel Generators / UPS of Earth Station
  • Monthly / Periodical Reports pertaining to Earth Station / DSNG
  • Coordination with various agencies for News Feeds from Earth Station
  • Technical lectures, for up-dating the knowledge base of the staff
  • Disposal of surplus, defective and obsolete stores
  • Maintenance of TVRO / DTH system


Smt. J.Sridhar, AE

  • Maintenance and upkeep of Analog transmitters
  • Maintenance and upkeep of Digital transmitter
  • Maintenance and upkeep of Mast and aviation light
  • Monthly / Periodical reports pertaining to all transmitters
  • Maintenance and upkeep of Power Supply systems
  • Maintenance of DG sets / UPS
  • Coordination of duties of staff at Transmitter and Earth Station

Shri Sampath, AE

  • Maintenance and upkeep of all Studio equipments including MSR, VTR, Audio, Video equipment of Studio 1, 2, 3 & 4, CGs, Tickers, Isle wiz, Phone-in consoles, Servers used in VTR, etc.
  • Maintenance and upkeep of Studio UPS system
  • Maintenance and updating of the Technical Library
  • Modernisation of Studio facilities
  • Monthly Reports / Periodical Reports pertaining to Studios

Shri Veerasamy, ASE

  • Maintenance of ENG section
  • Correspondence and coordination regarding SACFA clearances
  • Maintenance and updating of Fire Fighting equipment in the Kendra
  • Maintenance of Receivers and Monitors.
  • Coordination with CCW on the maintenance of building infrastructure, both Civil and Electrical
  • Water supply
  • Maintenance of Vidlink system and post production equipment

In addition to the above assignment, they will also perform any additional work that may be assigned from time to time.
Area specific assignment of Assistant Engineers:



Area of work



Maintenance of all studio-1 & studio-2 video equipments, namely, cameras, Routers, switchers, video monitors and other monitoring arrangement, etc., including CAR and MSR. 



All works related to Mast including aviation lights, feeder cable, etc.   Maintenance of HT and LT power supply in the Kendra and maintenance of all records connected with Power supply including extension of power supply to AIR FM and BSNL.


Smt Shantha

Maintenance and upkeep of transmitter section.  Maintenance and upkeep of UPS and Diesel generator of Transmitter. ESR of all equipment in transmitter.



Maintenance and Upkeep of AC Plant and Window Air Conditioners Disposal of surplus and unserviceable stores.  Physical verification of stores, proforma account, write off of obsolete items.  Coordination with BSNL and other authorities on the telephones and mobile phones of this Kendra.  CCW, Civil and Electrical works.


Smt. Susila Devi Srinivasa Rao

Maintenance of all studio-3 & studio-4 video equipments, namely, cameras, Routers, switchers, character generators, monitoring arrangement, etc.,



Maintenance and upkeep of all audio equipment in Studio-3 and Studio-4.  Keep stock of the availability of microphones, head phones, audio mixers, batteries, RF microphones, PAs, Ampli speakers, Fold back arrangement, communication and other audio related activities of Studio-3 and Studio-4. 



Maintenance of all video, audio equipments in OB van, including coordination of OB coverages, technical feasibility and movement of OB van to outstations.  Maintenance and upkeep of OB van diesel generator. Operation and maintenance of EFP van.


Smt. Punitha Ramani

All matters connected with engineering stores, including procurement of stores from local and outstation firms.  Follow up of supply from PSUs, CP&S and Directorate.  Preparation of indent to CP & S as per the requirement from different sections.  Settlement of bills and other advances processed through stores.  Processing of imprest amount of engineering section.  Settlement of electricity bill and water supply charges.


Smt Vasanthi Ashok Kumar

Maintenance of Registers/Log books and history sheets pertaining to all Studios, CAR, MSR & VTR.



Maintenance of News feed lines, News Automation, computerization of the technical area as per the requirements including updating and up gradation of existing systems, networking to different areas, creation and maintenance of websites including news. 


M. Sivakumar

Maintenance of all Earth station equipments. Preparation of Earth station and DSNG monthly report, VSD report, fortnightly report on transponder utilization of Earth Station, History sheets, etc.  Up keep of First aid box at Earth station.



Operation and maintenance of NLEs,  Post Production and other computer based editing systems, Character Generators and SMOKE graphic system, Servers-Leitch, Nexio, EVS, including servers at Earth station etc.



Coordination with cable TV operators and District administration on Cable TV implementation. Maintenance of TV Receivers. Operation and maintenance of all TVRO installations and DTH systems installed in the Kendra.

In addition to the above assignments, all Assistant Engineers are to monitor the attendance of staff in shifts. Familiarize and train the staff on newly inducted equipment in their respective areas. Ensure safety and security of assets in the concerned area and updating of all entries in relevant registers / logbooks on day to day basis.


News wing is headed by Director News and is assisted by News Editor, News Presenter Gr.I, Asst. News Editor, Asst News correspondent.

Name S/Shri



Director (News)


Deputy Director(NEWS)


Asst. Director (News)


News Editor


News Editor


Asst. News Editor


Assistant News Correspondent



Duties of officers


Director (News)

Over all in-charge of the News Unit


Deputy Director (News)

Compiling of News Bulletins and                                                                                    assistance in the general administration                                                                                       of the RNU in the absence of Director                                                                                       (News)


Assistant Director (News)

Assisting in the preparation and compilation of News Bulletins.


News Editor

Editing of News bulletins


TV Assistant News Editor

Compiling of English News Bulletin (namely Metro Scan originated from the RNU, Chennai and telecast from DDNews, New Delhi). Also, filing reports on assigned news coverage including those                                                                                                                                                                                   of VVIPs.


TV Assistant News Correspondent

Filing reports on assigned coverage including those of VVIPs.                                                                             

Administration wing

This wing is presently headed by Sr.Administrative Officer against the post of Deputy Director administration and is assisted by, Administrative officer (A) and Administrative Officer (F) for Administration and Finance respectively.  They are supported by Acccountant, Head clerk,  Upper Division clerk, Lower Division clerk, Stenographers and Hindi Officer.  Besides them, the following cadres of staff work in Administration.  Hindi Translator,  Storekeeper, Reception officer,  Hindi Typist, Typist for CG operator, Library Information assistant, Library attendant, Studio attendant, Motor driver, Sorter, Gestetner Operator, Studio guard, Peon/Messenger, Safaiwala, Mali, Sweeper/Farash, Security guard, Canteen staff.